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Book cover - Guide to a Good LIfe We are excited about our new book The Newman’s Own Organics Guide to a Good Life: Simple Measures that Benefit You and the Place You Live by Nell Newman with Joe D’Agnese (Villard, 2003, $14.95). The book grew out of the realization that there are many who don’t have the space or time to grow their own food, solar panels don’t fit into their lives, and cars are a necessity rather than a luxury, but they are still concerned about their health, global warming, clean water, and disappearing resources.

We have brought together background on areas that affect everyday living from food and gardening to transportation and energy. In addition to self-evident steps like recycling and reusing, the book discusses many other, less obvious measures. Since we didn’t want this to end up encyclopedia length, a resource directory is included of publications, retailers, groups and associations, along with other information for those who want to delve more deeply. Our style isn’t to be preachy or pedantic, so along with the facts there are lots of anecdotes, many humorous, about some fascinating entrepreneurs who have made a difference.

You will find the book at your favorite local bookstore or you can order now on-line at or

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