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Nell Newman—and everyone else in the company—enjoys good coffee. When looking for the right roaster to partner with she turned to Vermont's Green Mountain Coffee, Inc., a leader in the specialty coffee industry. This partnership focuses on the two companies shared philanthropic goals while offering an exceptional product line from which to choose. The seven Fair Trade organic coffees are made from the world's finest handpicked arabica beans. The line includes:

  • Newman’s Special Blend – a full-bodied blend of medium and dark roasts
  • Newman’s Special Decaf – Chemical-free Water Processed
  • Nell’s Breakfast Blend – light and medium roasted coffees
  • Newman’s French Roast – a dark roast
  • Café Almond Biscotti – a rare flavored organic coffee sweetly scented with the flavor of freshly roasted almonds
  • Colombian Especial – a lighter roasted coffee
  • Vanilla Caramel – Creamy vanilla enrobed in a velvety layer of sweet, buttery caramel

"The beans have been roasted according to the handcrafted tradition for which Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is famous," says Nell. "Fair Trade certification means that farmers in coffee producing countries worldwide can enjoy a better life. Grown and processed according to the strictest organic standard, these delightful coffees are gentle on the earth and pleasing to your palate."

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Saveur magazine voted Newman's Own Organics Nell's Breakfast Blend one of the top nine coffees out of hundreds that they sampled from around the world. Read the whole article here:

Newman’s Own Organics, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Coffee Kids™ have teamed up to help women in Oaxaca, Mexico through an innovative agricultural program which helps women raise chickens. The project provides them with a means to diversify and strengthen their household economy as well as improve their family diet through organic meat and eggs. "This is a wonderful project to be involved with," say Nell. "Chickens and eggs are an inexpensive form of complete protein. I know how delicious freshly-laid eggs are from personal experience since I have six pampered chickens of my own. Supporting our partners through royalties earned from the sale of our products is an integral part of our corporate mission."

The coffees are available through Green Mountain Coffee’s website.

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