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Newman O's

Cream Filled Chocolate Cookies in six milk dunkin' good flavors:

Original • Peanut Butter • Chocolate • Hint O' Mint
Ginger 'n' Cream • Wheat Free Dairy Free • Vanilla

We love chocolate and can never go too long without dreaming up a new use for it. This time it's Newman-O’s, a delicious addition to Newman’s Own Organics' cookie line. Paul’s name has been in lights - and now it’s on our cookies, too! These cream filled delights are easily recognized by the distinctive package featuring Paul Newman and its accompanying courtly sentiments:

Ode to Newman-O's
You might, m'lady tweak my nose.
You could, m'lord step on my toes.
But Heaven help those poor bozos,
who try to filch my Newman-O's

Newman-O’s are available in two package sizes: 8oz or 13oz. We've been listening to our consumers and they requested a smaller size that is more economical and suitable for the single person, small family, or those counting calories who find the larger packages too tempting.

The new peanut butter crème was one we thought kids and adults would both enjoy. We certainly do! And our latest addition of a Vanilla wafer with Vanilla crème is a great alternative to chocolate and gives consumers something they’ve been asking for.


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